Women’s NGO denounces Iran’s 1988Massacre

Women’s NGO denounces Iran’s 1988Massacre

Addressing the United Nations Human Rights Council’s 35th Session in Geneva on 14 June 2017, a representative of the Women’s Human Rights International Association called for an international inquiry into the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran.

Partial text of remarks:

“WHRIA would like to remind the Council of the summary executions that took place in Iranian prisons in 1988. A comprehensive investigation identifying those who abused their power to execute thousands of their ideological opponents is necessary to stop impunity. It’s the responsibility of the international community including the Human Rights Council and the Security Council to ensure that that accountability is achieved. What gives this matter urgency is that the mass executions of 1988 have not come to an end and are still continuing.”

Watch the intervention here:

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